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Inspiring teen writers around the world.

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The Youth Assembly is a modern online forum that allows young adults to contribute their voices, opinions, and perspectives to global conversations. Our forum aspires to give youth around the world a platform in which they are able to create and publicize their work and provide diverse, interesting and authentic perspectives of events that are relevant today. Teenagers from all around the world are encouraged to submit their work, whether they’re from Paris or Palestine. Our main goal is to provide the public with fresh, diverse perspectives on current events, granting readers with a distinct experience contrasting that of normal news websites, due to the difference in age and the varying ethnicities of our contributors. The Youth Assembly strives to create a comfortable and encouraging environment for teenagers willing to contribute new, absorbing pieces that highlight struggles, successes and various other topics they find intriguing regarding international relations, global current events, and other issues that fall under the general umbrella of foreign affairs.

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To encourage submissions related to global current events, every month we post a suggested theme/topic.  While we encourage our contributors to follow our monthly prompt, they have the option to write about any other foreign affairs topic they are interested in, providing our authors with creative freedom and further varying the content available on our page. We accept all manners of work, including articles, podcasts, artistic pieces, and more. Contributors are able to submit their work through the Submissions button at the top of the webpage.

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Submit your article here, and we'll get it up as soon as possible! If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us using the information below.


Thanks for submitting!

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